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TASP Minutes - February 27

posted Mar 30, 2012, 5:35 AM by Stephen Thompson

TASP Board Meeting

Sunday, February 27, 2012

Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront

Jacksonville, KY


Approval of the Agenda- Pres. Jeanne Stokes asks for a motion to approve the agenda.  A motion was made by Cricket Pimentel and 2nd by Nancy Blois-Giles.  All members were in favor and the motion carries.

Approval of the minutes- Pres. Stokes asks for a motion to approve the minutes from October 31, 2011.  A motion was made by Vice President Dana Patten and it was 2nd by Nancy Blois-Giles. All members were in favor and the motion carries.


  1. President- All board members introduced themselves to the members that were present.  Pres. Stokes tells us Cory Major had taken another position outside the state of Tennessee but he had recommended Katrina Heard from the University of Memphis to take his place Pres. Stokes says that the Vice President must chair the conference. It was agreed that the Vice President would have Patricia Henderson to act as a co-chair. 
  2. Vice President Dana- no report
  3. Secretary- no report
  4. Treasurer- Board members reviewed the Treasurer’s Report.  The ending balance in the TASP account is $17,706.95.  There was $6,672.19 left in the COE grant.  Our board spent $374.02 so that our board member Belinda Brownlee could attend the TCASC Conference.  The rest of the COE grant will be spent on the TRiO at the Capitol event and the TRiO fact book.  Pres. Stokes stressed that she wanted the fact book ready by Policy Seminar in March.


Committee Reports


1.      Spring Meeting- Nancy Blois-Giles and Crickett Pimentel ask if anything was unclear about the information that was sent out in e-mails.  They said we will be using the COE grant to create posters and have them displayed at the capital during the legislative luncheon.  They showed us a poster, book, and nametags as examples.  The posters should have details about each of the seven different TRiO programs.  They showed us an example of a poster and told us to be creative.  Use pictures and facts about your program, etc.  The poster should be set at 32 X 40 inch portrait in PowerPoint for print.  She will send us an e-mail to show us how to print properly.  This should be easy for programs to do.  We can use the template from the e-mail.  Encourage students and parents to come out on that day to meet with legislators.  It will be held on April 3rd.  We should see if have any TRiO alumni in Nashville, TN that can attend the event.  They asked if we had any questions.  Patricia Henderson asked if there is a certain time frame for the event.  Nancy Blois-Giles says it will be held from 9-1pm.  Crickett Pimentel says the actual lunch will be from 12-1pm.  They tell us to make sure we tell institution leadership about the event.   


2.      TASP Conference-– Patricia Henderson made her presentation about the conference theme.  She gave each board member a folder with the committee sign-up sheet, a call for proposal form, a save the date flyer and a conference registration form.  Patricia Henderson gives the members a choice of conference themes:  TRiO Meetin’ on da Mountain with a country theme or Climbing Every Mountain.  The board says TRiO- Climbing Every Mountain was the better theme.  Patricia Henderson suggests clogging representatives from the area colleges and Cricket Pimentel mentions “story telling”.  Patricia Henderson discusses conference rates.  She says the hotel rates are $125 for Gatlinburg, TN.  Patricia Henderson asks what the average amount of people that attend the conference.  Pres. Stokes says the contract is for 150 people.   Registration rates will stay the same.  We need to beef up vendors says Pres. Stokes.  We also need advance notice on silent auction.  We need to get people to sign up for committees at the state meeting tomorrow.  Every committee needs to have people from each part of the state says Patricia Henderson.  Pres. Stokes says we should charge $35 a table for vendors.  Vice President Patten mentions that we may want to charge $60 this time around.  Patricia Henderson has already talked to Chris Stokes about creating the programs for the conference, Mat will be our technical person, and Tamara Jones will be over the workshops. Patricia Henderson says she has packets to give out to Kentucky members as well. 


Old and New Business


  1.  Pres. Stokes asks Belinda Brownlee to talk about the College Access Conference at the state meeting.
  2. Vice President Patten asks if we had moved forward on Membership.  Pres. Stokes says she not sure how it went.  We will find out from Charles White how it went on tomorrow.
  3.  Patricia Henderson mentions asking other states like North Carolina join us so we can have a Tri-State conference.   Pres. Stokes says she will talk to John Foreman, North Carolina state president, about joining our conference.  We have 52 programs across the state and around 170 people.  Budgets across the state are tight so that may be why numbers have been low.   We must encourage support staff to come to our conferences.


Pres. Stokes got phone numbers for all of the board members.  There was a motion to adjourn by Pres. Stokes and it was 2nd by Patricia Henderson.  The board meeting was adjourned at 6:15pm. 





Scholar’s Bowl- March 23-24, 2012 Riverview Inn, Nashville, TN and Austin Peay State University

TASP/KAEOPP 2012- Gatlinburg, Park Vista October 9-12, 2012

SAEOPP 2012 Conference- New York, NY Sept. 6-9 2012

COE Policy Seminar and Dept. of Ed Relations- Washington, WC March 11-14, 2012

SAEOPP Trainings-Priority 3: Assessment of Student Needs, Proven Retention and Graduation Strategies, and the Use of Educational Technology- Oklahoma, OK Nov. 5-77, Miami, FL Jan. 11-13 2012 Las Vegas, NV Apr. 11-13, 2012- San Juan, PR Aug. 1-3, 2012

SAEOPP Training Workshop for TS/EOC staff- Atlanta, GA Nov. 11-13, 2011