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TASP Minutes- February 28

posted Mar 30, 2012, 5:35 AM by Stephen Thompson

TASP Spring Business Meeting Minutes

Tuesday February 28, 2012

Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront

Jacksonville, FL


The business meeting began at 3:25pm. There were 21 members in attendance.  The new members were welcomed by Pres. Stokes.  New members were given a new member portfolio.  Pres. Stokes says we lost two former TASP members, Moses Gunn and Byron McClure passed away.


Approval of Agenda- The agenda was approved without discussion.  All were in favor.

Approval of the minutes- There was a motion by John Johnson to accept the Nov. 1, 2011 minutes and it was 2nd by Ellen Brazel.  There was no discussion. All were in favor.



  1. Pres. Stokes asked for questions about the report she sent out.  There were no questions.  Applications for scholarships are on the website.  Steven Thomas at Tusculum runs the website.  There are nine Taspians attending the Policy Seminar.  The Fact Book is being worked on by Chris Stokes and will be ready by Seminar.  The board met to talk about Trio at the Capitol.  Also, in December the Pres. participated in a virtual meeting with the SAEOPP Board.  She says the SAEOPP Sentinel needs us to send in articles and pictures about our programs.  They are due on April 30 to Jennifer Cady of Morehead and John Foreman of North Carolina, Greensboro.  Pres. Stokes says she will put their e-mail addresses on the website.  Two Taspians completed their Emerging Leaders training.  SAEOPP will send a survey “Strive for 5” re: the SAEOPP board.  We should get it within the next month or so.  She also says Student Iniatives is on Apr. 13-14.  There is only on Talent Search and two McNair programs participating.  She would like them to go to Atlanta.  There were no questions.


  1. Vice President Dana Patten announced that twenty-seven people registered for this conference.  The next conference will be in Savannah, GA on Jan 27-30th 2013 at the Hyatt.


  1. Secretary- no report given
  2. Treasurer- Pres. Stokes reported that TASP made $4,381 from the conference.  We need more people to attend our conference.  We need at least 150 for the room rate special. The balance brought forward is $23,592.90.  Our total expenditures were $8,380.44.  A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Dana Patten and it was 2nd by Clara Hewitt. All were in favor and the   motion carries.


Committee Reports

  1. Fall Conference – Patricia Henderson and Dana Patten will co-chair the conference.  The conference will be held October 10-12, 2012 in Gatlinburg, TN.  The theme is TRiO- Climbing every Mountain.  Patricia Henderson handed out the Call for the Proposal sheet.  She says the hotel rates will remain the same at $125.  She also passed around a volunteer sign up form.  She also expressed ideas about “story telling” and inviting cloggers as entertainment.  We need at least 150 people there.  Last year there were only 35 people from Tennessee that attended the conference in Kentucky.


  1. Fairshare- Dr. Gross and Crickett Pimentel told us we are at 40% of our fairshare goal.  They said if we make a donation at the conference we are eligible to win an ipad, iphone, or a kindlefire.  They also mentioned that the “10 for 10” drive would run through June 30.  Pres. Stokes says we will call you if we have not received money before then.  


  1. Spring meeting- Nancy Blois-Giles and Crickett Pimentel talk about TRiO at the Capitol.  They ask us to please submit a poster for the event.  The event will take place in the Nashville legislative capital for three or four hours.   The media will be there as well.  Create a poster in PowerPoint in the 32x40 portrait setup.  They will send an e-mail with a template and explain how to print the poster.  Just send them the file.  Please include pictures, program information, the trio logo, and the institution logo.  The event will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd.  The presentation time is from 9-1pm.  The luncheon is from 12-1.  Legislative hall is where the posters will be displayed.  They said it could be helpful to put our legislative district on the poster as well.  We need at least one poster for each of the seven programs.   Mileage reimbursement is available and you can keep your poster after this event is over.   Parking is 1st come 1st serve.  Get there as early as possible.  One hundred and thirty two senators and legislatures will be invited.  Parents and students can contact their representatives and let them know they will attend.  Let your institutions know as well. Please submit the files at least two weeks (March 20) before the luncheon.  Bring photo ID.  Pres. Stokes said state presidents were excited about this.  Heath Alexander at COE has been informed says Dr. Ronnie Gross.


  1. Scholarships- Tamara Jones says there were 16 scholarship applications submitted.  There were 4-SSS, 2-VUB, 1- McNair, no EOC, 9 Pre-College, 5-UB, 4-ETS, and no UBMS. 


  1. Student Initiatives- It will be held March 23-24th at the Riverview Inn hotel in Clarksville, TN at Austin Peay State University.


  1. Membership:  Membership Chair Charles White says we have 64 members.  He showed the new members’ portfolio that all new members will receive.  All members got a 1 GB flash drive and a Membership Certificate during the meeting.  


Old Business- Please e-mail Nancy Blois-Giles or Crickett Pimentel if you want to attend the TRIO Day at the Capitol. 


New Business- Belinda Brownlee shares her experience at TCASC Conference at Vanderbilt University talked about their summer program and gave information about the institution. An ACT workshop was held on how to analyze data.  They also had a panel discussion with students attending Vanderbilt.  The university works with school counselors to help students in foster care or homeless.  They had a lot of sharing of best practices sessions.  They had legislators talk about the Tennessee Achieves scholarship.



Patricia Henderson mentioned that Tennessee has a low turnout at this conference.  She says when she went to speak in the Kentucky state meeting they had sixty or more people and had already filled out volunteer forms for the upcoming conference.  She says we must do better.


Dr. Gross makes a motion to adjourn the meeting and it is 2nd by Terri Hall.  All were in favor.  The meeting ended at 4:27p.m.



Scholar’s Bowl- March 23-24, 2012 Riverview Inn, Nashville and Austin Peay State University

TRiO at the Capital- Nashville, TN April 3, 2012

TASP/KAEOPP 2012-Gatlinburg, Park Vista October 9-12, 2012

COE Policy Seminar and Dept. of Ed Relations- Washington, DC March 11-14, 2012

COE National Conference- New York, NY Sept. 6-9, 2012

SAEOPP Trainings- Priority 3: Assessment of Student Needs, Proven Retention and Graduation Strategies, and the Use of Educational Technology- Las Vegas, NV Apr. 11-13, 2012; San Juan, PR Aug, 1-3,2012

SAEOPP Training Workshop for TS/EOC staff- New Orleans, LA July 23-25, 2012

SAEOPP Student Initiatives Weekend April 13-14, 2012 Atlanta, GA

SAEOPP McNair/SSS Scholars Research Conference Georgia State University & Morehouse College June 21-25, 2012 Atlanta, GA